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Mokki - The Best Under the Sun!

Discover Sunglasses for Children Aged 0-5 Years

Parents always want the best for their children. We meticulously choose nutritious food, clothes made from superior materials, and select toys that contribute to their development. However, we mustn't overlook one significant aspect that influences every child's health: the protection of their eyes from harmful UV radiation. The right choice of sunglasses equals the healthy eyesight of our children - particularly for those as young as infants and preschoolers, whose clear lenses are not yet fully equipped to handle UV radiation effectively.

Mokki Click & Change - What Sets Them Apart?

The internationally acclaimed Mokki brand has been crafting premium, top-tier glasses for over 30 years, partnering with parents to safeguard children's eyesight. So, what makes children's sunglasses from the Norwegian brand Mokki unique? The superior quality and safety of materials, adherence to stringent standards, and partnership with the renowned Mitsubishi brand for lens development are just the starting points of the advantages that make Mokki the wise choice for your child's eyesight protection.

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Understanding the Patented Click & Change System

The Click & Change system is a revolutionary, straightforward, and secure mounting mechanism that makes Mokki glasses distinctive. The lens frames included in the set can be effortlessly attached to the temples or the headband with a simple click. They can also be equipped with side shields useful in high sunlight and consequently, elevated radiation conditions. This fastening system eliminates tiny components such as screws, making it child-friendly. Parents can rest assured about their child's safety while they enjoy creating favourite colour combinations with separately sold accessories. Click & Change - it's as simple as that!

Flexible, Lightweight, and Comfortable Sunglasses

To appeal to a child, items like clothes or shoes need to be designed with their needs in mind - the same principle applies to glasses! Hence, the extraordinarily light Mokki frames weigh only 1.5 grams. A unique system, reminiscent of bus joints, allows for substantial flexibility, enabling the child to don the glasses independently, fostering a sense of autonomy. Parents need not worry about breakage, even when the temples are stretched. For maximum comfort, the nose pads are created using dual-injection technology to be sufficiently soft and non-pressing.

Lens Quality Developed by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi, a leader in the optical market for several decades, has developed the lenses for Mokki glasses. These lenses come with a guaranteed UV400 filter, crucial for eyesight protection. Mitsubishi lenses are of high quality, scratch-resistant, and fall into optical class 1 and tinting category 4. Some glasses in the Click & Change sets for 0-2 years and 2-5 years even feature polarization: Active Outdoor glasses for out-of-town excursions and Urban Everyday glasses for daily wear.

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Sunglasses Tailored to a Child's Face

Ergonomics is another hallmark of Mokki's Norwegian design. Appropriately profiled, rounded frames are customised to fit the anatomy of children's faces, providing effective eyesight protection. Side covers, included in the set, offer the perfect fit in winter conditions (such as in the mountains or snow) and during warmer days (at the beach or mountains).

The Dangers of UV Radiation to Children's Eyesight

UV radiation poses several risks to our eyes. Direct exposure to strong UV rays can lead to corneal and conjunctival burns, irritation, or eye inflammation. Long-term exposure may contribute to cataracts, retinal damage, and increased risk of eye cancer. That's why it's imperative to wear sunglasses with adequate UV protection to shield our eyes from the sun's damaging rays.

Why Opt for Mokki Sunglasses for Kids?

Just like we ensure our children wear a helmet when riding a bike, scooter, or skateboard, we should remember to protect their eyes during outdoor activities. After all, sight is one of our most vital senses. It's essential to remember that children's eyes, especially those under 5 years old, are still developing and cannot effectively block UV radiation. Choosing Mokki means opting for a comprehensive solution: a complete set dedicated to preserving your child's eyesight. Mokki represents a fusion of the highest quality, child-friendly solutions, and a touch of Norwegian design.

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