Our Quality Sunglasses

Our Quality Sunglasses

We are often asked what makes our sunglasses best in test. Our answer is that there are two rules to be kept: the first is to have good design with quality materials and rigid quality control. The second is maximum sun protection and UV screening. 


First and foremost, all of our sunglasses have UV400 protection. This allows you to safely enjoy the sun without worrying about eye damage. Still, we realize that not everyone buys sunglasses based on just protection. Sunglasses are also an accessory and should look great! We are therefore passionate about design on our glasses and have won several design awards. By cutting several steps in the production process, we cut costs that make it possible to offer quality glasses at a reasonable price. We always carry out sunglasses tests to ensure that the glasses hold the high quality and protection you deserve. This protection is essential for your eyes, and perhaps even more important for your children.


Mokki Eyewear focuses not only on the best sunglasses for adults, but also for the little ones. We first focus on eye health when designing sunglasses for babies and children. Thus, all of our sunglasses provide optimal sun protection. Mokki Click & Change has been rewarded with German Design Award and German Innovation Award, and is best in test on children’s sunglasses. You can read more about how here.

Mokki Eyewear always strives to excel, and will continue to develop the best glasses for you. Check out our eyewear guide for more informative knowledge about how to pick the best glasses fit.
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